Our Treatment Process

At Braces CT, we are committed to providing excellent orthodontic care while attempting to make the "process" as easy and comfortable as possible for our patients.  Since orthodontic treatment typically takes as many as 12 - 18 visits a year, we will make every effort to match your schedule in terms of appointment times and places.  Here's an overview of our orthodontic treatment process.

Your Initial Visit

CT Braces are orthodontic specialists for children and adults in CTYour first visit to our office is for a thorough oral examination and the Doctor's opinion on whether orthodontic treatment is needed. If it appears that you do need treatment, full diagnostic records (including X-rays) may be taken at this visit. (download two simple forms for your visit)

For parents: Since you will be receiving a medical opinion rather than a full diagnosis on your first visit, only one parent need accompany the child.

We want our patients to look forward to every visit in our office, beginning with the very first one!  Most of our young patients don't hate their braces - they know exactly what the braces are doing and look forward to having a better smile.  They are enthusiastic about their treatment, and we're happy to see them visit. .As parents, your enthusiasm for the "braces project" is contagious and will be a great encouragement to your child.

Your Consultation

After your fist visit, we will have studied all of the diagnostic findings and arrived at an accurate appraisal of your orthodontic condition.  During your consultation, we  will share exactly what orthodontic steps need to be done, the time frame for treatment, and type of braces recommended.  Braces CT / Dr. Allan S. Phillips D.D.S. Orthodontics will also explain cost and payment options during your consultation. 

For parents:  we recommend that both parents be present for the consultation, but do not require it. 

For adults and children, our goal is to give your a very clear diagnosis, treatment plan, and expected result.  This way, both the patient and family members may "buy in" to the orthodontic treatment, and look forward to each visit as a positive step toward the finish line of a beautiful, healthy smile.

We reserve a time for this case conference that is as convenient as possible for all concerned, and will answer any / all questions concerning your orthodontic care at this time.

Appointment Setting

Braces CT - Connecticut Orthodontic Care Since 1977Any patient will usually be visiting our office every three to six weeks during their active treatment (wearing braces).

The first one or two appointments are "long" procedures, usually requiring one to three hours for appliances to be made, attached to the teeth, and the explanations and instructions given. All such appointments are scheduled as early in the morning or early afternoon as possible. After the initial long appointments, we switch the patient over to "short" procedures where the braces are evaluated and minor corrections are made during each visit.

We give after-school appointments when possible; however, they must be confined to short procedures which take a minimum of time.

Please always call or email this office as soon as you see the necessity of changing an appointment so we can reschedule without too much interruption of the treatment.

Appointments should be changed only when extreme circumstances require a change.

A patient being treated during periods of active growth of any age may require the use of a removable appliance. These work by guiding growth and/or interrupting habits that are influencing growth and development in an adverse manner.

If chosen for the specific purpose then this type of appliance must be conscientiously worn the prescribed number of hours daily.

This is explained to each patient, but it is also the responsibility of the parent to see that the child does his or her part at home even if it may take some firm encouragement at times. Unless the appliances are worn every day the required number of hours, the treatment can come to a virtual stand-still.

Cooperation - The Key to a Healthy, Beautiful Smile

Retainers and other devices may be worn at home. You will be given some easy to understand follow-up instructions at each visit. Following these instructions properly will give you:  

  • Maximum progress in a minimum amount of time
  • Patient Satisfaction and personal pride in knowing they are doing their best and helping speed the way toward the day the braces come off!

At the end of the first appointment, when orthodontic appliances are placed in the mouth, the patient is given thorough, illustrated and interesting explanations and instructions as to the proper way to take care of the newly acquired appliances. Tooth brushing technique is gone over in detail. The reasons for brushing in a specific way are explained. Questions are invited and answered to the best of our ability.

Cooperation with these instructions benefits the patient, and speeds treatment.  We are always available to answer any questions you may have during any phase of your treatment.

An Orthodontist is a highly qualified individual who is dedicated to a very limited field of dentistry which requires great skill, endless patience, and gentle care. The greatests reward an orthodontist receives is each patients improved smile - a blessing all its own!