Adult Braces

Urban Legend:  Braces are for Kids...

Fact:  One in Five Orthodontic Patients is an Adult.

That's right - one in five people wearing braces today are adults of all ages.  At  Braces CT, it's actually 1 in four patients as we specialize in helping adults achieve their goal of having an award winning smile (and the self confidence that goes with it).

Have you ever thought of getting your teeth "fixed" but thought you were too old?  Why not join more than 1.25 million other American adults who get braces (traditional and invisible) each year.Yes - that's right. 1.25 million adults every year decide to "fix" their teeth.

Adults of all ages have used Braces CT and Dr. Allan S. Phillips D.D.S. Orthodontics to get a great smile!

Why Should I Get My Teeth Fixed? 

In our professional and personal lives, a lot depends on first impressions.  Sales, communication, dates, you name it.  Most relationships start off with quick conversation and let's face it - if you have confidence in your smile - you will automatically project that confidence in every situation you're in...

But perhaps you didn't have the time or resources to get your teeth looked at by an orthodontist when you were young.

Whatever the reason - it's never too late to start working on having a fantastic smile. 

Braces For Adults

Some conditions may require traditional metal braces made of stainless steel, or a combination of stainless steel/titanium.  While these are lighter and stronger than braces of just ten years ago - they may not be what you're looking for. 

At Braces CT, Dr. Allan Phillips is an expert in advisiing you on other less noticeable options to correct your teeth.  These include "clear braces" made of a durable plastic, ceramic braces, and a range of other products which are much less visible than traditional braces.

The Game Changer: "Invisible Braces"

Invisible style braces are the latest step forward in orthodontic care for adults - Braces CT.In the last several years, there's been a tremendous increase in the number of people using "invisible" braces to correct their teeth, jaw, or bite problems.

These fantastic devices are easy to use, nearly invisible, and help you achieve your dramatically improved smile without constantly drawing other people's attention to the fact you're wearing braces.

This is important for people with professions where they meet a lot of people, and are a dramatic improvement in cosmetic appearance over traditional braces.

At Braces CT, we also specialize in "invisible" braces for adults.  These come in several brands and treatment options, and we stock all of the major brands - Clear Correct, Invasalign, and Simpli 5.  Other specialty products are also available.

Dr. Allan S. Phillips D.D.S. Orthodontics are invisible braces experts in CT. Invasalign, Simpli 5, and Clear Correct.

Which Type of Adult Braces is Right for Me?

Whether you will benefit from traditional, clear, or invisibile style braces depends a lot on the medical condition of your jaw and teeth.  Some alignment problems are treated very well with invisible style braces, other types of problems may need traditional or clear braces.

The first step for you on your way toward a glowing, healthy, and professional smile is to find and speak with a orthodontist. During your very first visit to Braces CT, Dr. Phillips will be able to give you an expert medical opinion on your best treatment options.  We follow your first visit with a full consultation to explain all treatment options and cost with you (see our treatment process).

Please contact the office closest to you by phone or email to get started on your new smile, today.  

Dr. Allan S. Phillips D.D.S. is an orthodontists in good standing with ADA, AOA, and the CT Dental Society